Did Wonder Force Julia Louis-Dreyfus Into Black Panther 2? Manager responds

The creatives behind Black Panther: Wakanda have always revealed if they were ever forced to incorporate Julia Louis-Dreyfuss'

The persona was first added in Falcon and the icness Soldier, in which Wyatt Russell's John Walker was approached to recruit him for a secret initiative

From there, she went straight to being seen in Black Widow's post credits tag. It is here that she sent Florence Pugh's Yelena

Belova on an assassination mission to take down Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye.

Her next appearance wowed many fans, as she appeared within the accession to the modern-day MCU movie

 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Her role in the process revolved around her ex-husband, Martin Freeman's Everett Ross

who was eventually arrested for secretly working alongside Wakandans.

Many, however, can't help but assume that her story was pushed into the film to reinforce Time Out's MCU ties. But did she really become the case?

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