Don Lemon Responds To Stephen Colbert's Complaint About 'Tragic' Outfit In Shape-Hoodie On 'CNN This Morning'

Stephen Colbert had some harsh words about Don Lemon's outfit on CNN This Morning. The presenter from last night's screen returned to last hour's screen

Despite Colbert saying Lemon became "an expensive, expensive friend" and that he enjoys seeing him on "CTM," the sweet Strangers alum said he was "shocked

"I agree with an extraordinary guy who once said, 'What the hell is that?'" Colbert introduced. “I know you want to put some comedy on CNN and this is fun,

How do you really talk about tragedy using that because what's going to be more tragic than that look he had this morning?

Colbert went on to mock Lemon's outfit by announcing that he gave the impression of "a high school music teacher who went for a run and then got a little hungry

Addressing Colbert's criticism on CNN's morning show, Lemon stated that he "appreciated Stephen Colbert" and stated that he "didn't expect that" response from him.

“For starters, now it's not a sweatshirt, or something. It turned into a sweater that had a hood on it,” Lemon explained to his co-host Kaitlan Collins

Lemon went on to say that he wears a variety of outfits on the morning show and was asked to make himself "more comfortable" while doing the activity

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