Donnie Yen on favorite foods in S'pore and how he chooses which movies to make

In case he doesn't already know, Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen is currently in town to promote his current movie “Sakra”.

Yen landed his first leading role in the 1984 film "Drunken Tai Chi" and has seen him go on to become a celebrity in multiple blockbuster films such as "Ip guy"

While Mothership asked Yen how he felt about returning to Singapore after four years, he said he "just had to try any food nearby"

Her Instagram story of him on January 12 showed that his wife, Hong Kong version Cissy Wang, is also here with him.

"Every time I'm in Singapore I have a great time because I can be safer because the pace is less severe [compared to] Hong Kong," she said.

The actor also revealed during the click convention before he started filming for "Ip man", some were skeptical about his decision

According to Yen, it was only when the film became "a hit" that people began to encourage him to paint in similar films.

As Mothership asked if it has become more difficult to try something new and outside of his consolation sector as his reputation has grown, Yen replied:

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