Hell on wheels, until the electric bike battery dies

You can analyze a lot what is fashionable by reading t-shirts. A few months ago,

I saw someone on the subway whose chest said: "My other car is an electric bicycle.

" The tee turns into something: e-motorcycles are the best-selling electric vehicle in the United States of America. In 2020,

Americans sold more than twice as many electric bikes as electric cars (score: between 500,000 and 231,000)

 In China, electric motorcycles outnumber all cars, e- and non-e, Edward Benjamin, the president of the Light Electric Vehicle Association

instructed me by cell phone from his home in Fort Myers, Florida. He continued: “Can people change from a 4-wheel lifestyle to a 4-wheel subculture in the next century? 

Really! There aren't enough roads, there aren't enough substances to build cars, there isn't enough wealth to sustain car culture.

As someone who is not an influencer but an influencer, these days I have wanted to put on a helmet, join the visitors and let myself go

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