Hollie Shearer in a swimsuit is "prepared for the warm weather"

Hollie Shearer is heating up social media with this icy pink photo of herself in a bathing suit. The soccer player and singer-songwriter's daughter shows off her gorgeous body

"warm-weather-equipped" car, she captioned the Instagram snap. . "Well, you just turned me on," commented one of her fans. "Adequate," added someone else

How does she keep herself so healthy? Read on to see five ways Hollie Shearer stays in shape and the photos that show they work, and to get ready for the beach

Hollie is very open about her intellectual health and the fact that she suffers from stress and panic attacks. "If I ever have them, I know what to do

 I realize I had a baby the other day and I was proud of myself because my body didn't freeze over," she said. on the Reflections podcast. “She became one-handed

I felt it coming. And I thought, 'oh, oh no, I'm going to have a panic attack. And I was in the car with a person, and I honestly didn't want to freeze

Hollie has fun of her for hers frame of hers of hers and hers hers thoughts of hers of hers. She discovered on the podcast that working out for her facilitates

Holly is familiar with the importance of pampering herself. In a 2022 Instagram photo, she eats Ben and Jerry's ice cream while she lies on a mattress 

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