Idris Elba's Luther Movie Gets a Name and a Netflix Release Date

Idris Elba returns as DCI Luther in a new Netflix movie, and now we understand the professional name and release date

Netflix's Luther movie could be titled Luther: The Solar Fallen, an obvious pun

Netflix has announced that it will start streaming Luther: Fallen Sun in March 2023

Idris Elba is currently teasing longtime Luther lovers that this new film will take the character

 (and guests) to some pretty wild places, whether or not they are longtime lovers or new fans

"If you saw the last season, pick it up after that. But for new audiences who haven't seen it

I guess the movie is a complete story, so even if you don't know where Luther is, who he is." "Or what

anything about him, the movie tries to be complete for a new audience," Elba explained to the Jess Cagle show. 

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