If Iowa Passes A Voucher Bill This Guy Says It Will Open Up To Satanic College

If Republican leaders in Iowa provide tens of millions of dollars to private religious schools through controversial coupon software,

That's what non-theist Joe Stutler told lawyers Tuesday during a hearing on House Bill 1, a bill the nation's Republican government refers to as a "top priority."

Governor Kim Reynolds and hers hers allies want to spend $341 million over 12 months to pay students to attend private (often non-secular) universities

Typically, the biggest complaints about coupon applications come from supporters of the separation of church and country, who don't want public money to support spiritual education

families with special wishes, who say that their children will not be established or maintained through private schools; and LGBTQ humans

Knowing that the lawyers were well aware of the complaints and did not provide anything on any of them, Stutler took a specific approach during yesterday's

He told legislators that he supported the bill... and that he would start the "Little Devils Academy" (motto: "chew the apple") if the bill passed to bring the gospel of satan

I'm here these days... Normally I would be against payments like this because there are absolutely problems. However, looking at the elections of the past few years

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