Jahshii says violence; he gets a thumbs up from Muta for his acting

After an impassioned general presentation at the Revolt Salute level in which he denounced the rising rates of violence in Jamaica, dancehall newcomer Jahshii 

“I am the first to meet you, enuh Jahshii, and he asks me to tell you something, in front of hundreds of people, wah deh right yasso. I understand that the rebellion 

however, you see what you just did, a while ago, I don't want you to say it carefully. You can do a lot, but you realize what you do at some point

“I see myself seh a of your heart and my happy seh a of your heart but I want you to let yourself be heard correctly yasso. I need you to take your heart

see what element you come from because it is a serious element and you only do a while and guh fi even comes on screen

I tell you like Mutabaruka seh trust me brothers don't leave your heart like a deh show bring it with you back in your backyard and [with] your brothers dem weh yuh call dawg

Jahshii, almost in her part of him, left the stage during his overall performance and waded through the crowd with an emotional rendition of the song Born Fighter

“Music is [di] the most influential thing right now. None pressing meat, Andrew Holness could talk a little better. The music a twist the jute dem a distinctive way

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