Jeff Bridges Picks Up Late Dad Lloyd In Critics Wish Awards Speech: 'These Days It's His Birthday'

The actor received the lifetime achievement award at the 28th annual Critics Choice Awards on Sunday from his 1998 The Big Lebowski

In his speech about him, the seventy-three-year-old Bridges shared that he has been wearing the cufflinks of his late father, Lloyd Bridges

"Today is my dad's birthday, January 15th. I'm sporting the hyperlinks on his cuff. I wouldn't be here without my dad," Bridges said

 "No, he's the purpose I'm here for. I can remember loving show business very much, loving acting very much, and as a kid I said, 'You know, Dad

I'm not sure I want to be now.' an actor.' He says: 'What are you talking about?' I said, 'Maybe I want to portray, music.' He said, "Jeff, don't be ridiculous. Being an actor

And other than that, you'll be able to tell most of these extremely good stories from these kind of unique stories

Bridges said his family has been "so supportive", also singling out his mother Dorothy, the "great actress of the bunch", he said, and his siblings Beau

In 2014, Bridges shared instructions he learned from his father and his mother, explaining that they "have been extremely good role models" for him.

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