Jennette McCurdy revealed why she didn't return for the "ICarly" reboot.

Jennette McCurdy released her book this week, where she opens up about her experience as a child star.

Jennette came to fame playing Sam Puckett on iCarly, but turned down a reboot offer.

Jennette McCurdy explained in her book why she decided not to do the iCarly reboot and how she broke the news to Miranda Cosgrove.

Jennette refused to do the reboot because she didn't believe that Miranda could convince her.

Jennette recalls Miranda saying that the reboot could be an opportunity for them all to get other opportunities.

Jennette turned down the offer to do the show because she felt there were things more important than money.

The author reflected on a conversation with a friend in which she felt proud of how she represented herself.

Jennette has not changed her mind about returning to the iCarly reboot, but is open to returning to acting in general.

Reese Witherspoon is surprised she thought about returning to showbiz.

The speaker considered writing for themselves from a place that felt healing and empowering.

She is interested in acting again but doesn't know what that looks like yet.