John Krasinski Says He Wants To Star In Bollywood Movie, Says 'RRR' Unlikely

Actor John Krasinski, renowned for successfully playing pivotal roles in 'The Workplace' and 'Jack Ryan',

recently shared in an interview that he wants to paint in a Bollywood movie. He also talked about 'RRR' and found out that he has heard a lot about the movie and many call it an 'amazing' movie.

n an interview with India Today, the actor said, "God, I would really like to do a Bollywood movie." but the actor jokingly pointed out that he's not always a fantastic dancer.

"Oh, not dancing. It would be horrible. I would be inside the scene, however, it could be the person who doesn't dance anymore." 

when pointed out that in Bollywood, each person has to bounce, John replied: "This is real. I suggest I can do it (laughs), though, maybe with some captions at the bottom stating 'this guy is horrible' As long as the public is aware."

When asked about the address of SS Rajamouli 'RRR', John said: "Is it RRR? Oh my gosh, I heard it's implausible.

 I've been looking to look, couldn't see anything. It used to be just running a movie, but I can't wait to see it.

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