Josh Flagg even explodes when talking about Bobby Boyd's divorce on 'Million greenback listing los angeles'

The 37-year-old reality star and real estate agent made it clear to friends and co-workers that Josh Altman 

Tracy engineered an explosive exchange at the end of the modern episode of Bravo's Million greenback list Los Angeles that he no longer was.

interested. about spending time with Boyd, from whom he publicly split last spring.

In a scene shown in the season 14 trailer, while Flagg, Altman, and the teacher are having drinks

 the tutor mentions Flagg's divorce and mentions that she had spoken to Boyd the day before.

"We were talking about him being at a new brokerage firm that I love and support

and you can tell he's definitely doing well. I mean, obviously, we don't talk about your marriage anymore you seem upset.

He then said, "Well, I'm not the best to have seen it, you've seen it too," regarding Altman and his wife Heather. 

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