Justin Roiland's Squanch Video Games Quietly Settled a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in 2019

Sooner or later, after it came to light that Rick and Morty writer Justin Roiland was arrested (opens in a new tab) on charges of domestic violence and false imprisonment in 2020

The lawsuit alleged that fashion designer Sarah Doukakos was repeatedly concerned about a manager, technical director Jeff Dixon, and that Doukakos's harsh formal

The suit singles out then-CEO Tanya Watson, who co-founded the corporation with Roiland, for having concertedly ignored and downplayed Doukakos's claims

The lawsuit further alleged that Doukakos was fired from her in retaliation for her demands on her, and that her last paycheck was withheld until she signed a release of liability.

Dixon reportedly mocked and belittled Doukakos, hugging her over and over again without her consent. Other senior managers and staff have reportedly been made aware of this deal

Despite receiving tremendous criticism since August 2018, Doukakos was fired from her just three months later, with the company citing her overall performance

The lawsuit, meanwhile, alleged that this termination was in retaliation for Doukakos's proceedings on Dixon. Squanch finally walked out of court with Doukakos in September 2019

In correspondence with Kotaku, a Squanch spokesperson stated, "Squanch Games is dedicated to developing a supportive and inclusive work environment for our organization

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