Lois Griffin's fake death features on TikTok; five things about the family man voiced by Alex Borstein

Lois Griffin is a popular character in Her Own Family Guy Hers, an animated sitcom initially conceived and created by Seth MacFarlane

 Lois' personality has been famous for Alex Borstein's voice for years and it came as a surprise when a TikTok model claimed Lois Griffin was dead, leaving fans wondering if Alex Borstein had outdone himself.

Although Alex Borstein is alive and well, it seems that Lois Griffin's death fashion was a TikTok joke that started trending on social media.

On December 26, 2022, online rumors of Lois Griffin's death went viral. The "Lois Griffin useless at forty-three" hoax began as a joke in the circle of man-loving relatives on TikTok and Twitter.

This caused a lot of confusion, as many wondered if the man or the woman was being written out of the show. Here's a look at all the information behind this fad.

According to The Sun, a prank led to the publication of the news of the false death of Lois Griffin.

The joke concerned TikTok customers filming themselves and telling her friends and family about Lois's non-canon death at her hands.

The TikTok clips showed mixed and harassed reactions to her death from her person.

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