Madden NFL 23 fans are furious after EA accidentally deletes players' store data

Madden NFL 23 fans are pretty irritated that EA accidentally misplaced a ton of player store records.

EA is known for scaring their players in one way or another. Maybe it's because a game gets canceled or a developer shuts down

Maybe there could be some absolutely disgusting business practice that leaves players with a horrible taste in their mouths

From time to time, they even release full games and have infamously lousy releases that baffle thousands upon thousands of players

 however the company is a repeat offender of all of these things and is widely despised by gaming enthusiasts in general

However, today's business mistake is not always going to precisely change minds. EA has shown that players who attempted to load Madden NFL

December 28 at 2:45 p.m. m. EST until 12:45 a.m. There has been a file save issue during this time that resulted in save files being corrupted

It's pretty awful, needless to say. Hopefully, EA will find a way to provide refunds to those who lost their save data during this time

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