Mick McCarthy: "I would have been fired in Cardiff, but it is remarkable to return to the sport in Blackpool"

INTERVIEW The 63-12-month-old talks to i's' Mark Douglas about his astonishment that he has returned to management, what went wrong in Cardiff

The first, a relaxed hour and a Zoom feature on Monday morning from his South London home office, covers everything from Declan Rice's England statement

3 days later and we got it back again. McCarthy is on loudspeaker this time, his voice of him struggling with sat-nav instructions as he drives down the M40 to start

“This came here out of the blue, I had no idea on Monday, no concept,” he says. "It's fantastic how quickly trade matters in football, actually ridiculous the nature of it all."

McCarthy first heard from Blackpool on Wednesday. He said Monday that he was playing the time without a job, he had spent a year with his four beloved grandchildren

Applications for jobs in Wigan, Rotherham and Sunderland had not gone everywhere. The phone hadn't rung for a while.

He entered the Mandarino, twenty-third in the Championship and without winning on the field that October 8. It's a salvage job, but the offer - a 5-month preliminary

“I'm virtually excited about it. It's tremendous to be back in the game and it's terrifying to have someone think you can do a task,” he says. A series of speaking engagements

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