Spoiler alert! This story contains details from the first two episodes of the Hulu miniseries "Mike."

Hulu’s "Mike" (first two episodes now streaming; new episodes released Thursdays) is a bite-sized look at heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson (played as an adult by “Moonlight” star Trevante Rhodes)

Tyson, 56, has vehemently slammed the drama, writing on Instagram earlier this month that Hulu "stole my life story."

Here’s what the series gets right and wrong about the sports legend and "The Hangover" star.

The show begins with young Mike (Zaiden James) growing up in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, where he gets picked on by other kids for his lisp and weight.

In one early scene, a bully rips the head off one of Mike's beloved pet pigeons and throws the blood on him. Enraged, Mike beats up the boy and discovers his knack for fighting.

It's a story that the real Tyson has recounted many times in interviews and on his Twitter account, writing in 2013 that it was "love at first fight."

It also sheds light on his lifelong obsession with fowl: At one point, Tyson owned as many as 2,500 birds in various locations, according to Reuters.

He even starred in the Animal Planet docuseries "Taking on Tyson" in 2011, which followed his 300 competitive racing pigeons.