Nicolas Cage has made over a hundred films. Sooner or later he made a western with 'The vintage way'.

Nicolas Cage has been in 112 movies considering starting his film career in the fast-paced 1982 Ridgemont is overkill. Yet there is something

“I always thought he could wear the boots and the hat,” Cage, 59, tells us in a new interview. “You understand, I grew up in California

I know people laugh at that, but it's as western as it gets. I live in Nevada. It's not like I'm playing Hamlet anymore. Now it's not like 

“And I've scratched my head as to why it took [so long]. I suggest, I've been doing this since I was 15 years old. I've been doing this for almost forty-five years.

I've renewed 100 movies and this is the first time everyone absolutely invited me to do [a western]. I think, 'I might as well do it now before it's too late.'"

“Usually I think I should wear the boots and the hat. I grew up in California... that's about as far west as you can get. I stay in Nevada

Cage stars as Colton Briggs, a notorious cold-blooded former shooter who has settled into the quiet life dealing with business salvation

However, Briggs stays out of her gun-throwing ways at him, while a gang of criminals invades his home and murders his wife, even bringing his son for revenge.

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