Observing indicates a hidden possibility related to fast food

Maximo acknowledges that fast food increases weight and increases the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. Now turn up the liver damage to the reasons that the doctors

it is useful And it is tasty. And in many cases, less expensive than healthier alternatives at the supermarket. However, there can be a price for eating fast food.

"Those foods often have components that can definitely damage the liver and cause headaches in the long run," said Dr. Ani Kardashian, a hepatologist at the University

"So if you have some underlying metabolic risk issues like if you're diabetic, if you're overweight, then fast food has an even poorer effect on your liver

Healthy livers contain a small amount of fat. However, levels skyrocket when only 20% of the daily calories are available in a paper bag.

"Unfortunately, that can lead to a lot of headaches, including cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver cancer," Kardashian said.

The perpetrator is the carbohydrate and fat content within fried chicken, French fries, greasy burgers, and pizza. Kardashian said that she is surprised by her poor

Fatty liver oil is a condition where fats are deposited and sit in the liver and as they build up, just like alcohol can cause damage to the liver where if you drink 

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