Olivia Newton-John, a Grammy Award-winning singer and actress, has died following her battle with breast cancer.

Olivia Newton-John's husband confirms her death through her verified Facebook page.

Olivia Newton-John is a cancer survivor who uses plant medicine to help others heal.

Olivia Newton-John is a pop singer who starred in the movie musical, Newton-John was also a fierce advocate of cancer awareness.

Olivia Newton-John has battled cancer 3 times.

After her third cancer diagnosis, the author says she sometimes fears for her life but is supported by her husband.

Olivia Newton-John was born in England and moved to Australia at age 5. She pursued a career in performing full-time after winning a talent show at 16.

Olivia Newton-John is a pop star who first hit it big with a cover of Bob Dylan's "If Not For You" in 1971.

Newton-John is a singer who had success in the 1970s with songs like "Let Me Be There" and "I Honestly Love You."

The film "Grease" was a massive success and helped to popularize its soundtrack.

Olivia Newton-John is a singer who achieved pop stardom in the 1970s and 1980s.