Title 1Ooway Injunction Petitions Fail - Kitchen Culture

Singapore's high court has thrown out a request by a massive shareholder to book five managers of the Kitchen subculture to resign their positions or prevent them from exercising their management powers.

In an announcement filed last Saturday (Dec 24), the Catalist-listed kitchen culture announced that the defiant organization Ooway it had on Dec 23 did not obtain a court order to have Lau Kay Heng, Lim Wee Li,

William Teo Choon Kow, Ang Lian Kiat, and Peter Lim King were soon removed as administrators.

In addition, the judicial file declined to order that those 5 be limited in the exercise of powers, faculties and functions as directors. 

The court filing also rejected a request to order the company to sign on five people at the Ooway field: James Rogers, Yip Kean Mun, Lam Kwong Fai, Tan Meng Shern and Cheung Waiman, as administrators.

The Ooway organization has become a major shareholder in the Kitchen tradition in 2020, after it offered 30 percent of its 

Ooway technology subsidiary to the Kitchen lifestyle in exchange for 90 million shares, about 21.2 percent, of the Kitchen lifestyle.

In September of this year, the Ooway organization, along with seven different stakeholders, sought to convene a Preferential First Level Meeting (EGM)

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