Pitt assessments rank 22nd in Brett McMurphy's top 25 too early for 2023

This season finale, despite coming off an ACC championship, the action community's Brett McMurphy no longer ranked Pitt on his too-early 25th ballot

McMurphy's Too Early Poll shows Pitt ranked 22nd, checking in as the fourth-place ACC team in the back-of-country of Florida (4)

Pitt is coming off a Solar Bowl victory over No. 18 UCLA (a UCLA team ranked 24th in McMurphy's poll next season) to finish a nine-4 season

A 4-4 start to the season noted Pitt's early ranked popularity was gone, however with a 5-0 season finish, Pitt is all but guaranteed to finish the season ranked

There are some questions that need to be answered next season, especially on the protective side of football, but Pitt has already made good

Boston University transfer Phil Jurkovec and Penn Kingdom transfer will compete for the starting quarterback job, Rodney Hammond Jr

Charlie Partridge's task might be to replace some major losses in the protection line, but the kids in the room are more than up for the undertaking

Linebackers and protective backs will also promote from within, youthful alternatives to enter the starting lineup, along with a transfer,

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