Reasons why you are at a disadvantage to sleep

In recent years, many of us have had trouble sleeping due to stress and other challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic

According to a study published in Sleep Remedy in November 2021 that surveyed 22,330 adults from 13 countries,

one in three members had medical symptoms of insomnia and nearly 20, based on percentage, had insomnia problems

At the same time that the accelerated dependence on devices after the pandemic has been seen to affect sleep styles,

mental disorders such as anxiety and despair, among others, also contribute to sleep problems

Most people require 7 to 8 hours of sleep depending on the night. A good night's sleep is necessary for our mental well-being,

 Lack of ability to sleep is a cause for fear, as sleep deprivation influences our cognitive and emotional abilities. 

Experts say that without adequate sleep, a person is more likely to be tired, easily irritable, aggressive or unable to pay attention, 

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