Shania Twain On Reclaiming Her Throne: 'I Have Nothing To Prove Anymore'

Nearly 30 years after her first album, country icon Shania Twain is busier than ever.

The best-selling woman by an artist of all time with over 100 million stats offered worldwide

Twain redefined the style with playful hits like "Any man of Mine," "That Don't Galvanize Me Much"

and " I Am Gonna Get Cha". ." Excellent!", but she also persisted through devastating low points on her path to stardom

a shocking betrayal that led to her divorce from her first husband to a war against Lyme disease that nearly destroyed her. her voice.

For more on Shania Twain, read The New Problem of Human Beings, on newsstands worldwide Thursday.

Despite the difficulties, "I definitely found this kind of life exceptional," says Twain

Now healthy, the beloved singer is back at the top of her game as she prepares to release her sixth studio album

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