Steph's sermon to himself, Dubs resonated in win against Wizards

Tephen Curry's lines had been sincere and direct and essential for the coolest of soldiers. I might not have recognized how impactful his Sunday

A day after urging the warriors to play with more recognition, intelligence and tenacity, Curry exhibited all three characteristics to deliver the favored result.

He scored a sport-high forty-one points, including 12 in the final seven minutes Monday afternoon to fuel a comeback that led the Soldiers to a 127-118 victory

"It's something that's needed at this point," Curry said on NBC Sports Bay Place's "Warriors Postgame live" after Monday's victory.

It was after a blowout 132-118 loss to the Bulls on Sunday afternoon in Chicago that Curry took the stands and encouraged himself and his teammates

The message stayed. Soldiers added attitude to the Wizards' chins when it mattered most, in the fourth sector with the game on the line

The golden nation defended with searing depth, with Draymond Green the catalyst, while Curry and Green led the offense.

“Steph and Draymond led the way,” said Steve Kerr. “Steph became terrific down the stretch with his shooting, and Draymond with his defense and plays

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