'Strong' bullish momentum on HIV here as new reported cases doubled to 840 in the last 12 months

More than 800 HIV cases were reported in Ireland this year, the highest parent on record and more than double the total number last year.

Data published with the help of the Fitness Safety Surveillance Center (HPSC) indicates that, as of December 21, 840

The data shows that for the same remaining period, only 388 cases were reported. There were a total of 401 cases in 2021.

HPSC statistics recently reported cases as those who already contracted the virus, along with people already living 

The majority of HIV diagnoses in 2022 are in people who had previously been diagnosed outdoors.

HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus, attacks the immune system by infecting a type of white blood cell 

Stephen O'Hare, chief executive of HIV eire, said growth in socializing since Covid-19 laws were lifted became a contributing factor to the

Mr O'Hare said gay and bisexual men suffered disproportionately from HIV, accounting for around 55% of newly reported cases.

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