Thanasi Kokkinakis reacts after being punched in the stomach by ballboy cops at 208km/h

The great name of Australian tennis, Thanasi Kokkinakis, ran to the side of a ball boy who was at the receiving stop of a 208km/h

Maxime Cressy served an ace that ended up in the boy's stomach, who indeed hunched over and tried to get on with his task.

Cressy offered an apologetic wave even as Kokkinakis came over to check on the ball boy, briefly speaking to him before 

Nearby Adelaide retweeted the video the next day, praising the young man for his bravery.

Kokkinakis went straight to defeating international No.34 Cressy for every notch on her Adelaide belt.

Winner and semifinalist of both comeback activities here with 12 months left, he again relished the chance to play in front of an appreciative target audience

Kokkinakis fought off a takedown and a set point in the second set to pull off a big win that he closed with an ace.

"I had an amazing summer here last year, starting in Adelaide and with the (Australian Open) doubles (winning) being the icing on the cake," he said.

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