'That's Mr. Cincinnati': Inside Sam Hubbard's Greatest Play of Existence

After the Cincinnati Bengals wrap up practice every Thursday, Cincinnati Bengals protective stop Sam Hubbard has a weekly opposition against the protective

Hendrickson hits 20 mph even as Hubbard is motivated to "hit 18." however, Hubbard works at his sprint speed each week. He works all summer

when he runs one hundred and ten backyard sprints in his training routines in Black Sheep's overall performance. He works on that after training camp practices

Then surprisingly, on Sunday in the first round of the playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens, Hubbard saw the ball bounce towards him at the Ravens 2-yard line

He looked up and noted his route to the final region. Hubbard rushed for 123 total yards at 17.4 mph while running into the ditch

"(Hubbard) is definitely one of the leaders of the group," Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow said. “He is the form upon which all of this is based. Robustness

Those are the types of men we try to advertise here. He's one of my best friends, and he comes up with great performances time and time again.

Hubbard then picked it up and ran to a 98 landing in the backyard. It becomes the longest fumble recovery for a touchdown in postseason history

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