The jovial and jovial phrases that we want to contniue using in 2023

The current moment certainly tends to be one of mixed feelings. Hope, regret, melancholy, and good cheer are common partners

historically combined with a healthy dose of crapulence (17th-century phrase for sickness from overeating and alcohol)

That bundle of emotions is perfectly captured in "January," which takes its name from the Roman deity Janus,

depicted in art with two faces: one looking back, the other looking back. forward, simply as New Year's Eve looks to both the afterlife 

Mind you, if you're so groggy (in advance from having too much ingested) that looking in the mirror this morning causes you major idiomatic repulsiveness

(an underused word for when you're disgusting even yourself), then the future understandably doesn't look like it. so brilliant.

But as reluctant as we are dealing with the day, we all may want to stay ahead of Janus and cast a hopeful look at what's to come

For the lucky ones among us, it's a holiday, and we can wholeheartedly embrace the Italian spirit of dolce a long way niente, 

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