The severity of blood cancer is related to the levels of inflammation

Experiments in human cells also discovered how rising levels of inflammation, marked by a competitive reaction of immune cells within the bone marrow

altered the composition of immune B cells and T cells needed to fight the disease as if it were a weapon. invading bacteria or viruses.

Using bone marrow samples from 20 adults and 22 children with the fatal disease, researchers at NYU Langone Health

its Perlmutter Cancer Center were able to score each patient's degree of inflammation. These "iScores" were then correlated with survival rates,

The new "iScore" device can be incorporated into existing tools to measure AML severity and used by physicians and patients as they select immunotherapy

"Our scoring machine offers a fluid device for physicians and patients to gauge their likelihood of inflammation related to their leukemia

The measurements needed to calculate an affected person's iScore, she says, are freely available in the follow-up manuscript for academic

Lasry, a postdoctoral fellow at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and the Perlmutter Cancer Center, says that some patients in session

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