The two aspects of John Stonehouse were discovered in a challenge from Bangladesh

John Stonehouse was the father of Walter Mitty, and the bizarre aspects of his life, once again portrayed and heightened in a new television drama

should no longer obscure his true dedication to colonial freedom and other far less popular political issues (Stonehouse Short Story ' "much more fascinating"

Both sides of his character were shown in a challenge to Bangladesh in January 1972 in which we each went, along with a senior political "fixer"

the defeated Donald Chesworth. We were accused of investigating the atrocities committed by the Pakistani army in the Bangladesh civil battle

Stonehouse became a true and dedicated supporter of Bangladeshi independence, but tried to take advantage of his contacts with the interim

In addition, he would take the time to seek private financial deals on the spot by suggesting to Chesworth and me that "we'll get more ground

At the same time as in Dhaka, Stonehouse was upset by the dead initiative of British diplomats to befriend the caretaker government

he organized a grand reception for new government ministers, the media and the heads of diplomatic missions at the largest and most private hotel

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