Thoughts from the Writer's Desk – January 20, 2023

Buckingham Basic College is next on the mission essential list for Worcester County College Machine Projects list. This may be a large and lavish undertaking

The replacement plan became preferred over an addition/maintenance idea that would cost $82 million but led to a larger university area, about 125,000 square feet

The new alternative college would total 102,000 square feet and encompass a two-story section. Production in all likelihood will not begin until 2027.

Between now and when the floor is damaged, many may need to exchange as much as the mission information. One component that certainly deserves a deeper

Dad would have access to the school from West Street via paths built in the long field behind the school. It's a quirky design

Ocean Town is making the right decision by reinstating the experience option in Winterfest of lights. The turn to the pedestrian idea in 2000 was made smart by the pandemic

However, by ceasing to provide the streetcars, the event essentially alienates an older segment of society who physically cannot or simply does not want to walk the show

A lighting hybrid Winterfest will impact well on all segments of society. It will likely reset the player volume to pre-pandemic levels

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