Two new cases of avian influenza detected on Vancouver Island

"There has been a good case of avian influenza in a non-commercial small flock hen," said Tofino Mayor Dan Regulation. "So it's safe to mention that we're talking

Avian influenza is a critical disease that causes illness and death in birds. It is also considered to be quite transmissible which has raised concerns

Federal authorities said bird flu can be transmitted from bird to chicken through feces, secretions, contaminated water and devices, 

"So we've become the word," Law said. "It's a very serious disease for birds and it's very transmissible, and people have to exercise caution."

Excellent cases of bird flu are not only found in backyard chicken and rooster farms, as wild birds are also vulnerable to the disease.

Ann Nightingale of the Rocky Factor Chicken Observatory told CHEK News that it is most commonly seen in ducks, geese

“So things like eagles, brilliant horned owls, and [birds that] prey on them like turkey vultures, ravens, ravens, and birds that associate with sick bird

The government said there are a few approaches in which citizens can protect themselves, their birds and wildlife from avian influenza.

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