Veteran surfer Marcio Freire dies in  the great Portuguese wave of Nazaré

Tributes to Marcio Freire have poured in after the legendary Brazilian died while surfing the big waves of Nazaré in Portugal.

Freire became one of three pioneering Brazilian surfers to appear in the 2016 documentary Mad Dogs about his attempt to ride the giant wave

He was killed on Thursday while he was surfing the famous Atlantic waves in Portugal, inside the Nazaré Canyon

classified as one of the biggest and most terrifying demanding stages in the sport.

"A 47 and 12-month-old man, of Brazilian nationality, died this afternoon when he fell while he was sailing in Praia do Norte,"

“Rescuers discovered that the victim was in aerobic-respiratory arrest, immediately starting resuscitation maneuvers in the sand

After several attempts, it was no longer possible to oppose the situation.”

The Nazaré Canyon is located off the Japanese Atlantic coast, it is 5 km deep and 170 km long.

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