Jonathan Majors Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Jonathan Majors Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Jonathan Majors Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics– Jonathan Majors, an American actor, rose to prominence with his compelling performances in various film and television projects. His breakthrough came with the independent feature film The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019), where he portrayed the character Montgomery Allen. His outstanding performance in the movie earned him accolades, including nominations for “Outstanding Supporting Actor” and “Outstanding Breakthrough Performance, Male” at the Black Reel Awards in 2020.

Majors continued to make waves in the entertainment industry with his role as Atticus Freeman in the HBO TV series Lovecraft Country (2020). His portrayal of Atticus Freeman not only showcased his acting versatility but also contributed to the success and acclaim of the show.

Apart from these notable projects, Majors has left his mark in various movies, including Out of Blue (2018), demonstrating his ability to take on diverse roles. His presence in television extends to shows like When We Rise (2017), where his performances have been consistently praised.

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Jonathan Majors’ journey in the world of cinema reflects a promising career marked by talent, versatility, and a commitment to delivering memorable performances on both the big and small screens. As he continues to captivate audiences, his contributions to the entertainment industry are undoubtedly set to leave a lasting impact.

Jonathan Majors Quick Info
Height6 ft
Weight75 kg
Date of BirthSeptember 7, 1989
Zodiac SignVirgo
Hair ColorBlack

Born Name

Jonathan Michael Majors

Nick Name



Jonathan Majors is currently 34 according to his birthdate September 07, 1989

Sun Sign


Born Place

Lompoc, California, United States

Jonathan Majors: Academic Pursuits

Jonathan Majors’ journey to becoming a distinguished actor involved dedicated academic pursuits. He commenced his education at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he likely honed his craft and laid the foundation for his future in the performing arts.

Eager to further refine his skills and deepen his understanding of the craft, Majors continued his academic journey at the prestigious Yale School of Drama. His time at Yale culminated in the attainment of a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in 2016, signifying his commitment to excellence in acting.

Majors’ dedication and talent did not go unnoticed, as he received recognition from the National Society of Arts and Letters (NSAL) through the National Drama Competition. This acknowledgment speaks to his exceptional abilities and contributions to the field of drama, setting the stage for a promising career ahead.

Jonathan Majors’ educational background not only equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skills but also paved the way for him to make a significant impact in the world of performing arts. His journey from academic institutions to the global stage is a testament to the importance of education in shaping and nurturing talent.

Jonathan Majors: A Glimpse into His Personal Life

Occupation: Actor

Jonathan Majors is a distinguished actor, known for his versatile performances on-screen. Let’s delve into aspects of his personal life, providing a comprehensive view beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world.

Family Background:

  • Father: His father served in the Air Force, instilling values of discipline and service.
  • Mother: Jonathan’s mother, a pastor, adds a spiritual dimension to his upbringing.
  • Siblings: He shares a close bond with Monica, his older sister, and Cameron, his younger brother, who has worked at Vandenberg Military Base, showcasing diverse family pursuits.

Physical Attributes:

  • Build: Jonathan Majors maintains an athletic physique, a testament to his dynamic career in acting.
  • Height: Stands at an impressive 6 feet or 183 cm.
  • Weight: Weighs around 75 kg or 165.5 lbs.

Relationships: Jonathan’s romantic life has been under public scrutiny, with notable relationships including:

  • Grace Jabbari: A past relationship that garnered attention.
  • Meagan Good (2023-Present): Jonathan’s current relationship with actress Meagan Good became public in May 2023.

Race / Ethnicity:

  • Jonathan Majors identifies with Black ethnicity, rooted in his African-American descent.

Physical Features:

  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Distinctive Features: Expressive eyes, light beard, and mustache.

Spirituality and Favorites:

  • A significant part of Jonathan’s life revolves around spirituality, influenced by his mother’s pursuit of a master’s degree in Divinity and her role as a pastor.

Jonathan Majors: Facts and Trivia:

  • Despite not initially inclined towards acting, a pivotal moment during a teenage alternative education program sparked his love for performing.
  • His journey in acting began with reading Agatha Christie during a class, showcasing his early passion for literature.
  • Jonathan’s dedication to his daughter includes imparting a strong education on Black history and celebrating her Black identity.
  • In October 2022, he graced the cover of Men’s Health magazine, reflecting his prominence in the industry.
  • Honored with the “Spotlight Award” during the 2022 SCAD Savannah Film Festival.

Legal Controversies:

  • Faced legal challenges in 2023, accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.
  • Subsequent developments, including Jonathan filing a domestic violence complaint against Grace, and ultimately being found guilty of third-degree assault and harassment in December 2023.
  • The fallout from these legal issues resulted in Jonathan being dropped by Marvel Studios, along with repercussions in his professional representation.

Recent Accusations:

  • In February 2024, Jonathan faced accusations of abuse by two more women, Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper, further complicating his public image.

Jonathan Majors’ life reflects a complex tapestry, blending career successes with personal challenges, demonstrating the multidimensional nature of this talented actor.

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