Scientists have discovered a new crater that is estimated to be around the same time as the asteroid that wiped out prehistoric life.

A hidden impact site was found 248 miles off the coast of Guinea in west Africa.

An unknown scientist has discovered a new crater on Mars.

Nadir is a feature on asteroids that is created by an impact.

The asteroid that created the Chicxulub Crater is estimated to have been about 7.4 miles wide.

A large asteroid created a 124-mile-wide depression on Mars, sparking a series of earth tremors and tsunamis.

A Nadir-sized asteroid would have had a smaller but not insignificant effect.

Researchers suggest an asteroid 1,312 miles wide created a crater in the ocean floor.

A tsunami over 3,280 feet high was generated by the asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago.

The energy released from a neutron star would be 1,000 times greater than the energy released from the eruption and tsunami in Tonga.

The Chicxulub impact would have had 10 million times greater effects.