Here's who Elon Musk should pick to be Twitter's next CEO

Elon Musk could also soon be looking for a new CEO to run Twitter.

After racking up complaints about his chaotic management on Twitter, including the latest options to suspend tech hounds

and introduce (and then remove) a controversial policy that prohibits linking to rival platforms

Musk posted a ballot asking whether or not he should leave Twitter. position of executive director.

The poll ended Monday morning with 57% of the electorate in favor of Musk delivering the pinnacle process.

Musk has not commented on the survey results. In fact, Musk spent an unusually long Monday without tweeting at all.

But even assuming Musk doesn't directly comply with his own survey

 it's likely the Tesla CEO will simply accept pressure from the automaker's investors to hand the reins over to someone else in the future. 

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