Jets teammates cheer on CJ Uzomah in Broadway achievement

Football and theater have gone hand in hand for a long time.

Before becoming a famous Shakespearean actor, Paul Robeson starred in Rutgers in the late 1910s.

Nearly a century later, Eddie George made four Pro Bowls and then built his own repertoire of titles, appearing in Julius Caesar and Othello.

Jets tight end C.J. Uzomah, is the current American football player dabbling in the performing arts

 joining as a co-producer on the Jordan E. Cooper comedy Ain't No Mo'.

On Friday, six of Uzomah's classmates went to see the play at the Belasco Theater in New York.

Offensive lineman Eric Smith, quarterback Mike White, Uzomah, offensive lineman Chris Glase

 tight stoppage Jeremy Ruckert and wide receiver Braxton Berrios duly posed for a photo with their billboards, tweeted by ESPN's Adam Schefter

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