The actor was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact.

Gary Busey faces criminal sexual contact and harassment charges related to incidents at a horror film fan convention.

A sexual offense was reported at a convention, and the charges were filed on Friday.

Mr. Busey was a featured guest at an event in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia.

Mr. Busey was charged with sexual contact and harassment.

The Camden County Prosecutor's Office referred questions to the police on Saturday, and the police did not immediately respond to calls and emails.

A lawyer for the convention company said they are assisting authorities in their investigation into an alleged incident involving attendees and a celebrity guest.

A celebrity guest was removed from a convention after attendees complained about their behavior.

Mr. Busey has struggled with substance abuse in the past.

In 1988, he sustained severe head injuries in a motorcycle accident and underwent intensive surgery.

Mr. Busey has appeared in many movies and TV shows, most recently playing the role of God in an Off Broadway musical.